Aim of method usage:
  • collect ideas
  • determine features
  • organize problems
  • organize ideas
  • organize features
  • visualize solution diversity
Method classification:
  • Methods for analysis and aims
  • Methods for solution generation
Process phase:
  • conceptual design
  • embodiment design

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Moderation Technique

Moderation mit Karten

The moderation technique is a group-based method to generate and analyze ideas to regulate the communication within a working group.
The method is used to collect, visualize and arrange the thoughts and ideas of multiple participants (big groups as well) by using cards.
The moderation technique even allows for the treatment of complex issues or design problems with sketches.


  1. Preparation: the problem is defined and presented by the group leader or moderator and may be visualized on the board.
  2. Generation of ideas on cards: all participants write or sketch their ideas on cards.
  3. Visualization of ideas: every thought is taken up and captured on the board.
  4. Structuring of ideas: the cards are presented to the group and then refined, structured and summarized.

Strengths and weaknesses

Strengths Weaknesses
  • quick and easy compilations of everyone's ideas
  • supports mutual creative stimulation between participants
  • origin of each idea can be traced back by matching cards and participants
  • especially with bigger groups, the process of analyzing, structuring and refining each card is very time consuming

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