Aim of method usage:
  • develop ideas
  • collect ideas
  • increase innovation
  • determine solution principle
Method classification:
  • Methods for solution generation
Process phase:
  • conceptual design

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Method 635


The Method 635 is a group-oriented method to generate ideas in writing for solutions to a given design or conceptual task.
Through a fixed procedure, participants write or sketch solution ideas on forms (cf. tools) and then exchange and complete them in multiple cycles. Originally, this method is based on 6 participants that generate three ideas each cycle and then pass the form on every five minutes. This is how the method got its name.
The results of using method 635 are documented solution ideas.



  1. preparation: introduce participants to task and hand out forms (cf. notes) for the generation of ideas.
  2. development of individual solution ideas: all participants develop 3 ideas each at the same time and write them down in the corresponding form.
  3. pass on solution ideas: after a predetermined time period (usually 5 minutes) the forms are passed on (e.g. clockwise) to the next participant.
  4. further development of ideas: during those 5 minutes all participants check and complement their predecessor's ideas or develop new ones.
  5. repetition of idea development: steps 3 and 4 are repeated until each participant has thier original form back
  6. optional: the results may be presented
  7. solution suggestions are viewed and selected: analyzing and evaluating results, possible selection of solution ideas, ideally in a smaller group in a later meeting

Strengths and weaknesses

Strengths Weaknesses
  • easy timing because of fixed procedure
  • facilitation of inter-divisional communication and team building
  • preventing tensions and conflicts between participants
  • equality - no dominant person or missing of quiet people
  • no negative criticism of individual solution ideas
  • originator of specific idea can be clearly identified
  • quick and easy evaluation is possible
  • increase solution quality through further development
  • creativity may be restricted by using forms
  • time pressure may have a negative effect on creativity
  • succinct formulation of ideas may lead to misunderstandings (strict procedure without questions)
  • likely to generate less distinct ideas and many double entries

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