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The interactive method learning portal

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The interactive method portal “Methodos“ provided by the Institute for Engineering Design offers various options to search and filter design methods considering different conditions. In addition, the portal provides well-structured method descriptions completed by tools and templates which allow a n easy and fast application of the described design methods.

Hint :

The “Methodos” portal is still in a test phase. Possibly some functionalities are not available all the time. If you have proposals for optimization or questions, please contact the responsible persons (mentioned on the right). You are not member of TU Braunschweig and want to get access to the “Methodos” portal? Please contact the responsible persons.
You aren't enrolled at TU Braunschweig but want to gain access? Please get in touch with on of our contacts.

Method classification – What ist he aim of the method usage?

Method classification: Aim of method usage:

Team & Previous knowledge - How many persons with how much knowledge on design methods?

Time frame – How much time is available?

Material & Task – What kind of material for a how complex task?

Assignment – Within which course, within which design phase?

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