Aim of method usage:
  • determine requirements
  • document requirements
  • organize requirements
Method classification:
  • Methods for analysis and aims
Process phase:
  • clarifying the task

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Requirements Documentation

Requirement List

The list of requirements is used structurally document requirements for the product to be developed. The list regulates all subsequent steps as it defines target features which are compared to the current features of the solution variants during the decision-making phases. In addition to the specifications (customer and performance requirements), the list also contains information on priorities, organisation notes (order, deadline, responsibility etc.) and if necessary further documents (sketches, specifications etc.).


  1. Define task: as preparation, the core of the task or problem needs to be determined.
  2. Collection of requirements: use system analyses, methods (eg. brainstorming), tools like the list of main features or the search matrix (cf. tools) or other check lists.
  3. Structuring of requirements: structure according to life cycle phases (cf. list of main features), responsibilities, requirements etc.
  4. Documentation on a blank form: write down the requirements in the form of object and verb - for example: minimize weight - on the blank form (cf. tools) and add respective data (type, values and data, initiator).
  5. Illustration: use sketches to illustrate geometric proportions (eg. interfaces) and other facts (eg. sequence control).
  6. Verification of list of requirements: the list is verified and signed by the people in charge.
  7. Maintenance of requirements documented: the list of requirements needs to be complemented and updated during the development process.

Strengths and weaknesses

Strengths Weaknesses
  • orientation period for new colleagues is shortend
  • communication on a common basis possible
  • easier to evaluate solution variants
  • needs constant updating
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