Aim of method usage:
  • determine features
  • determine similarities
  • determine function
  • analyze competitors
  • determine requirements
Method classification:
  • Methods for analysis and aims
  • Methods for solution generation
Process phase:
  • clarifying the task

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Literature and Patent Research

Literature and patent research help gathering information on state-of-the-art technology, its background and circumstances as well as collecting first solution ideas while avoiding duplication at work. Especially with patent research it is important to keep suggestions for new solutions while avoiding or circumventing those solutions that are protected by existing patents. Sources of information are special databases for patents or expert literature.


  1. Define task: as preparation, the core task or the goal for research needs to be determined.
  2. Search for information: use (online) databases to get information on already existing solutions and general idea regarding the task. Sources can be databases as well as other online documents or expert literature (cf. tools).
  3. Collection: all information collected needs to be viewed and structured; if necessary delete useless data.
  4. Evaluation: evaluate the remaining data regarding its relevance.

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